Muscle relaxants

Type A: $10/unit

Type B: $4.50/unit

Fillers: $450/1mL

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For many of us the desire to remove those tired lines and freshen up our look is strong. But so too is the desire to make sure we are doing it in a safe and professional environment.


Step One

A consultation on how the injectables can benefit your Smile. Pre-operative photos are recorded. 

Step Two

Small injections are made within the skin. If using fillers options to have topical or local anesthetic is available.

Step Three

The process will only take a couple of minutes. Once done, enjoy a more youthful and defined look. 

Step Four

2 weeks later you will return for a review and post-operative photos. If desired, you can add more injectables here. 



Muscle relaxants are used to soften lines and wrinkles that come with age or sun-damage, to drop your lip or hide a gummy smile. They can even be used to tone down the bulky muscles on the sides of your jaw – the ones that make us grind at night.

They work by reducing the targeted muscles’ ability to contract, ‘relaxing’ the muscles into inaction. This in turn allows lines in the area caused by the repeated scrunching of the skin to soften. Over time, the body is allowed to naturally repair these defects, reducing lines and preventing future wrinkles, if continually used. For these, we use Xeomin, a newer alternative to Botox that has the benefit of fewer preservatives, which is preferable when using injectables long term. The action and unit dosages of Xeomin works exactly the same as Botox, making it clinically friendly for producing precise injections, and for comparison between the brands.

Fillers are used to replace the lost, or lack of, volume in an area. From thin lips to poorly defined cheekbones, fillers plump up any area that may be a little lacking, to create a more supple and youthful appearance.

Our fillers use the highly biocompatible material hyaluronic acid, a product so loved by the body it is naturally produced within our skin to keep it looking supple and youthful. There are fewer risks with this filler than any other on the market and it feels far more natural to the alternatives.

Whether muscles relaxants or fillers, you can rest assured that these products are not permanent, meaning if this is not for you, it will wear off in time.


Why have a dentist as your injector?

It doesn’t take five years to learn how to do a filling. Throughout dental school the anatomy is exhaustively studied as all the surrounding structures can have large impacts on dental health. The location of all the muscles are identified, along with their actions, leading to facial movement and mastication. The quality of bone changes where it is in the face, requiring different approaches for anaesthetics or treatment of fractures. Blood vessels and nerves are mapped out to ensure low risks of trauma and optimisation of comfort. Dentists are not just experts of the mouth, but the whole face.

This means we are well aware of the effects our injections are producing, are able to provide harm minimisation techniques individualised to each patient, and best of all, provide superior anaesthesia when it is desired.

We use topical anaesthetics for all injection sites, however in places such as the lips, the creams don’t always cut it. That’s where we provide you with the option of local anaesthetics to completely numb up the area. Some people manage well with just the creams, but at least here you have the option for anaesthesia that is more profound.

We are one of the few dentists in Brisbane to offer injectables to the face and neck area. We are passionate about helping our clients feel confident in their looks and only use the highest quality products.

If you are thinking about cosmetic injections but feeling a little nervous, come and chat to our friendly team and get the right advice about the procedure that best suits your needs.